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There are some specific criteria for an entity to be eligible for developing JCM model projects. The eligibility criteria are briefly discussed here

The entity which intends to apply for JCM model project must be one of the following types.

  • Private company
  • Independent administrative institution
  • Incorporated association or foundation


Who can apply for the Financing scheme?

On behalf of the international consortium, Japanese representative participant will submit application for JCM Model Project.


What criteria need to be met for developing a JCM Model Project?

(i) Projects that reduce energy-related CO2 emissions in developing countries with which Japan has signed or has been consulting to sign bilateral document on the JCM.

(ii) Facilities installed by the projects do not receive any other subsidy by the Government of Japan.


Basic Requirements under the BOCM/JCM Rules and Guidelines (for all BOCM/JCM projects*)

  • Project Cycle Procedure (PCP)
  • Guidelines for Developing Proposed Methodology
  • Guidelines for Developing Project Design Document and Monitoring Report
  • Guidelines for Validation and Verification

Detail rules and guidelines are available at https://www.jcm.go.jp/bd-jp/rules_and_guidelines


Additional requirements for BOCM/JCM model projects (supported by MOEJ)

  • Should form a International consortium
  • The proposed project should reduce energy-related CO2 emissions
  • Monitoring should be performed until the end of the legal durable years
  • Should transfer 50% of the JCM credit to the Government of Japan