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JCM Bangladesh Secretariat has been established in the Department of Environment (DoE), Agargaon, Dhaka by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in March 2013 to help manage the implementation of JCM activities between Bangladesh and Japan. Its main function is to support the JCM Joint Committee and relevant stakeholders, to act as a center of JCM information and communication, and to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the smooth implementation of JCM activities to achieve its well-defined purposes. The JCM Bangladesh Secretariat, based in Dhaka, works intensively with Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the JCM secretariat of the Japanese side in Tokyo.

The JCM Bangladesh Secretariat and the Japanese secretariat, as representatives of the JCM Joint Committee (JC) may jointly:

  • Prepare draft methodologies, rules and guidelines and submit them to the Joint Committee for its consideration, when necessary;
  • Receive new initiatives from candidate project participants;
  • Monitor the development of JCM related programs and implementation of JCM projects, taking the criteria of sustainable development into account.

And each secretariat may separately:

  • Develop environmental and sustainable development criteria for JCM implementation as well as identifying needs for capacity building and submit them to the JC.
  • Monitor the development of JCM feasibility studies activities
  • Facilitate the project participants to perform project-based capacity building
  • Establish and maintain a registry in line with the common specifications for registries, as developed by the JC
  • On the basis of notification for issuance of credits by the JC including for allocation of credits among project participants, issue the notified amount of credits to its registry. 

For general inquiries, the JCM Bangladesh Secretariat can be contacted through email address: jcmbangladesh@doe.gov.bd and harun.rs83@yahoo.com

Secretariat of the JCM Joint Committee between Bangladesh and Japan can be contacted through e-mail address: bd-jc-secretariat@jcm.go.jp